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Comic book artist. Sculptor. Nacho lover. Sarah Braly, now a Seattle based artist via NYC and LA, is, before anything, a storyteller. “I’m a world builder, using the medium of comics and sculpture to create complete realities.”




Sarah is most recently known for her Zombies with Tattoos line, which launched at Designer Con 2015. In January through February of 2015 her High Fructose Zombies, Zomtreatz custom series were featured in the window of P!Q  in Grand Central Terminal NYC, and the at their Florida based store. She is the co-creator and illustrator of the comic book High Fructose Zombies, which has been gaining a following at Comic Cons for the past 4 years as it has grown from the first issue at NYCC 2012 to a full graphic novel (1-6), launched at NYCC 2014.




Shortly after joining the world of comic cons and indie comics, Sarah began to ask herself the question, “Why should the big guys have all the fun? Isn’t the world of indie comics replete with awesome characters yearning for action figures of their own?” The answer was yes, and since then Sarah has created collectible and display actions figures for a range of indie comics, most extensively for Penguins vs. Possums, with her machine-gun toting, jetpack wearing Penguin and warrior Possum figures. Her collaborations have extended beyond the US to work with the international collaborative comic anthology JetPlastic, and with the German artist Valenberg, bringing his pixel illustrations into 3 dimensions.




“I am like restaurant-grade nachos; well-made, but not too showy, having fun and never taking myself too seriously, but never sloppy.”